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Monday, January 17, 2011

Another lazy Monday...

I Have a Dream speech
Had a three day weekend due to Martin Luther King Day. I decided this year that I would use this day in a way that honors Dr. King's life. So I pulled up his famous I have a dream speech and read it for the first time all the way through. I've heard the speech many times, but actually sitting down and reading it gives it a whole new meaning.

This morning I awoke early and headed out to DSW to pick up a pair of new shoes, Nike's Eclipses II. As usual, they didn't have my size (sz 10) so then for the heck of it I opted to try their 9.5's. There was only one shoe in the box. The saleswomen and I looked everywhere and couldn't find that shoe. How does one shoe just disappear?! I took that as an omen that I wasn't supposed to own the shoes (being that I already felt guilty about spending the money) but then in a last ditch attempt I tried the "Academy" store and they had my color in my size!

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